So much of our lives today are spent in common areas at home. Perhaps you love catching up with the latest episodes of your shows while lounging on the couch, or your children like poring over colouring books on the dining table. Maybe you even have a pet who has claimed an ottoman for himself! 

Whatever the case, your furniture and upholstery would need regular washing, so you can enjoy staying in these areas without worrying about disease-causing bacteria. You might know about carpet steam cleaning; here are some reasons why you should consider this for your couches, sofas, and chairs.

Steam cleaning improves air quality

Whenever you sit on upholstered items, you release clouds of dust, mould spores, dead skin, and bacteria into the air. No matter how careful you are or how little you move, any contact with couches and chairs will release dirt particles.

Though household plants and air filters could minimise the effect of these allergens, you cannot remove them altogether if you don’t clean the furniture pieces themselves. You can dramatically reduce the presence of irritants and bacteria if you keep up with steam cleaning.

It helps you reduce odours and stains

The couch or family sofa is often the heart of many homes. It is where you have movie nights, follow sports matches, and even fight off illnesses. It also doubles as baby central for households with toddlers; often, feeding and changing takes place here.

Since it is a hub of activity, it tends to collect all sorts of spills and odours. Sofa steam cleaning can help you deal with these smells and keep the busiest part of your house smelling and looking fresh.

It lets you deal with smoke or water damage

From roof leaks to minor stove fires, all sorts of accidents could occur in a home. When your upholstery gets damaged from these incidents, it can be tempting to throw out the items and buy new furniture. However, don’t discount the restorative effects of a steam cleaning session. If you have the right contractor, your upholstery will look good as new, and you’ll even save hundreds of dollars.

Why you should avoid DIY steam cleaning

Any homeowner would want to have the perks of regular deep cleaning sessions. Some people try to save even more money and do the steam cleaning on their own. Doing this is not advisable; furniture and carpet steam cleaning services are effective because the people delivering these services know exactly what they are doing.

Professionals are familiar with the effects of cleaning agents on different textiles or materials, and they can avoid damaging furniture and carpets. What’s more, they can extract moisture from furnishings. DIY solutions often leave some water trapped in the upholstery, which causes mould, mildew, and more staining.


Keeping your home clean and inviting is almost a full-time job on its own. When you’re juggling a career and your personal life, it pays to have contractors who can take some things off your plate. Leave the cleaning of upholstery to people who have trained for it; your allergen-free skin and nostrils will thank you later!

Keep your furniture looking like new by getting regular cleanings from Melbourne Steam Cleaning. We provide carpet and sofa steam cleaning services all over Melbourne, and we also steam car seats. Get a free online quote today or contact us to learn more!


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