Melbourne Steam Cleaning

Car interior steam cleaning at affordable prices

Melbourne Steam cleaning is our local experts to steam clean your car interior, car seats, car carpets and upholstery.

If your after amazing results for your car interior cleaning, give us a call to bring back the life into your car interior and car seats.

A clean car not only has a better selling value but it plays a major role in your mood. We can remove all stains and dirt and restore the car seats and floor back with a new look and that fresh car smell.

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Car Interior Steam Cleaning

Why you should consider car interior cleaning?

  • Allergens
    Everyday, people get into their vehicles with dust and dirt on their clothes and shoes, perspiration on their body and mud on their boots or bags collecting substances that can cause allergic reactions. Melbourne Steam Cleaning will help you get rid of the unwanted allergens.
  • Stain Removal
    Stain Removal
    Any marks on your car seats, floors or boot will be a thing of a past, thanks to the professionals. We have the right tools and types of equipment that can help you get outstanding results. We can remove blood, urine, food, milk and red wine and oil.
  • Dust Mites
    Dust Mites
    Once the dust starts accumulating on your car seats or your kids baby seats, they build a home in our car. Dust mites are usually found in the soft fabrics, including car seats and upholstery and getting rid of these is a daunting task. Say goodbye to these creepy creatures in no time with our professional steam cleaning services.
  • Odors and Smells
    Odors and Smells
    Food spills such as coffee while driving, dirt, mud and pet urine can ruin your car seats and upholstery. This can add to the unpleasant odor and health hazards to your family car. Melbourne Steam Cleaning will use high powered cleaning technology that will eliminate the odor in minutes.
Car Steam Cleaning

Removal of stains, wax, oil and mud

  • Eco Friendly Chemicals
    All our chemicals are kids and pet friendly.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    We provide 100% customer satisfaction
  • Bacteria Removal
    Removal of bacteria and allergens
What We Offer

Car Interior Steam Cleaning

Car Steam Cleaning
  • Car seats, floor and boot

Our car steam cleaning includes:

  • Antiviral sanitisation
  • Remove stains
  • Remove oil and dirt
  • Remove bacteria and allergens
  • Deodorise

Extra Costs for removal - Pet urine, blood, gum and milk and food stains.

Car Interior Steam Cleaning

Our Approach and Method used.

Cleaning any fabrics especially car steats, car floors and upholstery material is a very delicate process. Our cleaning professionals will select the correct method based on the type of stains needed to be removed and the condition of your car interior.

Our cleaning methods starts with pre-treating the car seats, car floor and stains with a special solution. We allow the solution to agitate, then rinse with a full steam machine and extract the moisture along with the remnants.

Drying time will be around 4 hours depending on outside temperature.

Car Interior Cleaning

Types of cars we clean

You may be selling your car and want to make sure you get the maximum price for it or you may simply want to remove pet urine or perform a general clean. Our car interior cleaning package gives a great impression and can add big value to the selling price of your car or your families health. Our service can be done at your home, office or you can come to us.

  • Small Sedan cars
  • Sedan Cars
  • Wagon cars
  • 4WD and SUV (5 seats)
  • 4WD and SUV (7 seats)
  • Van (3 rows of seats)
  • VIP cars
  • Utes
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